This weblog is about IDCreationism, beginning with Behe. 

Because I am interested in consciousness, I may occasionally write about that as well. It is related to evolution/ID issues, with the IDists bizarrely insisting on a Frankenstein production of the body, and an equally unbelievable “spirit” for the “mind.”

However, the focus for this blog is definitely on “Intelligent Design” and its faulty “science.” Initially I am especially interested in providing a comprehensive critique of Behe’s book Darwin’s Black Box, which I hope will remain available to readers and critics of ID.

Glen Davidson


One Comment on “About”

  1. gil Says:

    i study biology and i think i have very strong evidence for design in nature

    a) we know that a self replicate robot that made from dna need a designer

    b) from a material prespective the ape is a self replicate robot

    a+b= the ape need a designer

    or even a self replicat watch.the evolution side always say that a watch need a designer because it cant self rplicat. so if we will find a self replicat watch we need to say that is made by itself

    plus: if a self replicate car cant evolve into an airplan, how can a bacteria can evolve into human ?

    the evolution say that small steps for milions years become a big steps. but according to this a lots of small steps in self replicat car (with dna) will evolve into a airplan.

    but there is no step wise from car to airplan

    evolution say that common similarity is evidence for common descent. but according to this 2 similar self replicat car are evolve from each other

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