Just the usual censorship of the anti-science faction

This is what showed up after I posted at Expelled‘s blog:

Glen Davidson Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

November 3rd, 2008 at 12:41 pm
If a theory claims to be able to explain some phenomenon but does not generate even an attempt at an explanation, then it should be banished. Despite comparing sequences, molecular evolution has never addressed the question of how complex structures came to be. In effect, the theory of Darwinian molecular evolution has not published, and so it should perish.


Yes, it’s the prominent IDist Behe who wants to banish evolution.

Of course he’s wrong about evolution’s explanatory ability, while ID has none whatsoever. By Behe’s standard, ID definitely deserves banishment, although I would not go that far.

To be sure, an idea like ID that never has–and never could–address the origin of complex structures has no business being called science.

Glen D

At the time of this writing, a much later comment than mine has appeared, while mine is nowhere to be seen.

They’ve never really caught onto the irony of expelling comments for their stated views, although they are not as quick to do so as Dembski’s blog, Uncommon Descent, is. 

Now it is not certain that they will not at some point publish my comment.  Even if they do, though, it’s still suppression, since people tend to read the most recent comments, and not to see comments which have magically appeared among the “older comments.”  They have played that game with past comments of mine.

At this moment, the comments on that blogpost are heavily in favor of Expelled, a fact that may owe much to rank censorship and hypocrisy on their part.  The people behind Expelled have always had the faults that they project onto science and science supporters, and this is just one more example of same.

It is lamentable that the too-frequent lack of openness in science is not discussed in various venues, and is instead trivialized by these liars and hypocrites.  There are problems with “authorities” in science (perhaps none that are not inevitable–humans have limits) dominating the conversation.  Naturally, this has nothing to do with the fact that IDists are called the pseudoscientists and would-be censors of science that they in fact are.

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9 Comments on “Just the usual censorship of the anti-science faction”

  1. William Says:

    Secular Scientists are not willing to submit to the Authority of any Supreme Being because they know that He will demand that they obey him. Those Secularists are like the young children who pretend not to hear the calls of their parents. That way they can pretend that they did not know so that they can then have their own way, but those secularists also are bothered by their own Mortality, and the fact that one day they will die and the lives that they live are so meaningless in the long run, so it creates anxiety within their own minds that can make them vulnerable to Psychological Tactics against them by those who do believe in a Higher Authority in The Supernatural Realm. *** Here is an example of my own PsyOps in the war against Secularism *** I have posted similar writings on other blogs under one or more of my other pen names. ***
    I’m Guessing And Groping In The Dark, So Without God I’m Lost.
    star it | leave a comment | December 06, 2008 at 4:53pm | email it | edit | delete | 10 reads

    I’m not a scientist or theologian, so I can’t be sure of anything, but here are my attempts. *** I need to begin this by stating that I’m not certain of the accuracy of this information in this list of comments that I’m now presenting. I cite a lot of information from modern science, but I don’t even know how reliable modern science really is anyway, and I may have even badly misunderstood what I have seen and read, but the wanted accuracy (albeit flawed) may still stimulate some thought and motivate the use of more imagination, and hopefully we will manage to to be filled with wonder over how great Our Lord really is. *** THE LORD HAS CREATED US, AND HE HAS CREATED ALL OF THE WONDERS AROUND US, AND WE ARE STILL TOTALLY UNABLE TO UNDERSTAND ANY OF IT WITH ANY CERTAINTY. *** DOESN’T THAT INDICATE TO US THAT WE SHOULD TRUST ONLY THE LORD AND NOBODY AND NOTHING ELSE? *** We live in a A Modern Culture That Has People Competing Over Consumer Goods In A Department Store Like A Pack Of Wild Dogs Fighting Over A Rotten Piece Of Meat. It is a sign that priorities are not where they should be, and it is a sign that more Faith is needed. *** Building Faith By Understanding Intelligent Design and The Origin And The Meaning And Purpose For It All is a way of living with the uncertainty and conflict and regularly occurring catastrophes in our modern world. We always seem to fall back on our own worldly methods and tools to solve problems, but I’ve noticed that worldly methods and tools have serious limitations. We try to rely on Engineers Doctors Lawyers Politicians and Journalists to help us solve our difficult problems, but they too often fail to live up to our expectations. *** A long time ago, when there was much less scientific knowledge and technology, it seemed that people could read better and think much deeper than the typical person can these days, but in the old days it also seemed that there were more people who had never gone to school at all, and could not read anything, but Faith in God may have been stronger in those days. *** These days it seems that shallowness in our mainstream culture is still at least as much of a problem as it was back in the days when Education was hard to get. We now have Elementary Schools and Middle Schools and High Schools everywhere that are available to everyone at no cost to attend, but we ironically have shallow ignorant greed displayed in Department Stores during Holiday Season Sales that often result in serious injury or death all over the competition for some shallow worldly goal of grabbing a prized piece of material merchandise. *** There absolutely must be some way to get the focus back onto God and the idea that this world and this life is not the only idea that there is. Life will continue to have no meaning or purpose, and we will spend our whole earthly existence feeling dissatisfied, and we could end up lost forever if we don’t get the focus back onto Our Lord and His plan. *** I have been working on the idea that the cosmos that God created, and that we live in, is so grand and so mysterious that it should have much more of our attention than anything in our more obvious surroundings, and that is why I have come up with this more cleaned up version of my thoughts on the subject. *** Begin forwarded message:*** Subject: Understanding And Living With Catastrophe Is A Matter Of Understanding Our Lord’s Plan. *** There are events that mortals call catastrophic, and those unpleasant events happen with regularity, so making sense of it all requires us to understand The Creator. Secular Scientists grope around in the dark and do a lot of guessing, and many of them try to deny the idea of Intelligent Design, but I have studied some of the hard science, and I have found a blog that addresses the questions about Intelligent Design and Modern Physical Cosmology. I have added some comments of my own in this blog, but I seemed to have strayed far from the pure Physics and Math that is shown in many of the other comments, but I believe that analyzing emotions is important in understanding God. There would be no need for Ethics if no Emotions existed. Emotions are what makes Ethics necessary, and Emotions don’t follow the rules of Logic and Reason. Many Secular Scientists try to ignore Emotions, and that may be the cause for them still not answering all of the Scientific Questions. I believe that God must have need for Emotions because He gave us Emotions. If God had no need for Emotions He would have been satisfied with Robots rather than Humans. Robots perform more reliably and dependably, and robots don’t complain or act up as long as regular repairs and maintenance is performed, and when a robot does wear out it can be recycled or otherwise disposed of. A Robot is just a Machine, so to make sense out of the rational cosmos we must make sense out of the irrational as well. If we were totally rational we would feel only the sensations of being On or Off just like Robots. God wants us to learn to obey Him without being robots. Then we will be ready to perform the work that He would have us to do when His Kingdom comes. *** Begin forwarded message: *** Subject: Posts On http://www.intelldesign.com/2008/11/09/the-five-dimensions-a-creation-science-cosmology-theory/#comment-1370 *** William Jennings December 5th, 2008 at 1:53 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation.*** It has seemed to me for a long time that we could simplify the search for knowledge of the origin of our reality, and the meaning and purpose for it, by noticing that the cosmos is more complicated than we are since we are only a small part of it, and therefore the cosmos is able to think and communicate better then we can, we could just simply speak to the cosmos as one would speak to someone who is far superior to us. Trying to scientifically study and harness the cosmos seems to me to be a mistake on our part. We can not make the cosmos into our slave or our property. That kind of approach seems to be more of an assault against the cosmos and a form of disrespect similar to the act of a disobedient adolescent who steals the key to his parent’s car and goes on a joy ride without permission. We have been kept on a short leash that permits us to go only so far in our defiant efforts to have our own way, and our pretending not to understand that we are not to be so irresponsible (in a way similar to that of a child who pretends not to understand instructions) will only get us some “Time Out” if we don’t show some respect for authority. *** My Philosophical Orientation is Christian, and I believe that is necessary for us to examine more than just the Physics of our reality. *** I believe that we should also examine Emotions as well. *** If we have the emotions of Empathy Sympathy Grief, and the sadness of being betrayed and abandoned, it is certain that a Superior Intellect would also have those emotions because a Creator would not create a being that is more Ethical than He is. *** Examining our reality seems to reveal to us that there is a lot of complexity and perfect engineering that also seems to have no meaning or purpose and produces nothing, so it seems to me that we have been put into this situation so that we can try to make sense out of all of it. The puzzle has a missing piece, so we will never solve that riddle by ourselves. We need Him to give us the missing piece of the puzzle. In the long run it is to teach us to be humble and contrite and stop being so full of ourselves and so defiant. We are still just as helpless and dependent as we were before we were born. We still don’t know how we got here nor why we are here, but we do know that He gave us the ability to suffer the pain and anguish of feeling abandoned and betrayed, and if we would not likely do such a mean thing to a pet puppy, so it seems to me that He would not do that to us unless it is to teach us something that we really need to know. We will have our peace of mind when we finally learn that lesson. *** William Jennings December 5th, 2008 at 2:10 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation.*** Science needs to try to answer the question of not only “What It Is” but also “Why It Is”. *** Our existence seems to produce nothing of cosmic value, and our industry only produces ways to make our lives as long and as comfortable as possible, and often our efforts only make us worse off than before. *** We are groping in the dark and doing a lot of guessing.*** William Jennings December 5th, 2008 at 2:52 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation.*** The mystery of all of it is the cause of much anxiety, and we would not be caused so much anxiety unless it is to teach us and motivate us to think for otherwise such torment would be senseless cruelty, so it seems that the study of emotions is necessary for us to better understand the physical cosmos.*** It seems that Modern Physics has brought in some of the ideas of those who study the possibility of Ghosts along with the ideas of Science Fiction, so we may also need to bring in the study of Psychology as well. *** TO LOOK AT THE EMOTIONAL SIDE I MENTION THE FOLLOWING, AND I JUSTIFY MENTIONING THIS BECAUSE IF THERE IS AN INTELLIGENT DESIGNER, THE INTELLIGENT DESIGNER MUST HAVE A PERSONALITY AND SOME EMOTIONS SIMILAR TO OURS. *** I have never been a person who could be comfortable accepting something by blind faith. Critical Thinking has always been my habit. It is not by “Blind” Faith and hypnotic dogmatic chanting that I bring myself to have such Absolute Certainty, for it would be too easy for any loud noise to awaken me from that hypnotic state and return me to visible reality. It is by Rational Detective Thinking that I come to those conclusions. God puts us through this experience of Life In Our Known Cosmos in order to teach us something that can only be learned by a relatively short life of seemingly meaningless complexity with incomplete information and a barrier that prevents us from sensing that which is on “The Other Side”.*** Our Adversaries, outside of The Faith, are suffering with Fear Anxiety and Despair over the questions raised by all of the seemingly meaningless complexity and the ability to feel the agonizing pain of abandonment and betrayal by a Trusted Creator who to them appears to have Gone AWOL and is Missing In Action. They don’t seem to realize that it is the very existence of those emotions, and the apparent irrationality of our visible experience, that gives us The Best News Of All. What we don’t see must be more encouraging than what we do see because the opposite would be Absurd.*** A look at the surface seems to show us that life has no meaning.*** We try not to focus on how futile it all is, and how life is a series of one catastrophe after another until that final catastrophe that is the end of our own lives after getting older and more helpless until the curtain closes forever.*** We don’t want to think about how our world and our universe will one day come to an end. We dont want to concentrate on how the whole human race produces absolutely nothing of real cosmic value other than merely making our own lives as long and as comfortable as possible until the day that everything ends in the swath of “The Grim Reaper”. *** All of the “productive” work that is done by humans only contaminates the environment with trash garbage and pollution. *** There is so much Complexity Without A Purpose, and a search for purpose leads us in Circles in The Wilderness Of Our Existence. *** ALTHOUGH IT LOOKS LIKE CAUSE FOR A LOT OF GRIEF WE REALLY CAN ACTUALLY FEEL RELIEVED WHEN WE ASK THE QUESTION “OF WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WAS IN THE PLACE OF THE CREATOR WHO HAS A POOR WRETCHED CREATURE IN SUCH A HOPELESS POSITION?” WOULD YOU BE KIND AND MERCIFUL, OR WOULD YOU SHOW SENSELESS CRUELTY? *** William Jennings December 5th, 2008 at 3:06 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation. *** When information is hidden from us we are more motivated than ever to seek that information. If the information was presented to us liberally we probably would be disinterested and pay no attention, but when it is kept beyond our view our curiosity is stimulated, and then we learn much faster that way.*** Information that could cause us to get injured is often kept away from us for our own protection.*** One may say that we are being deceived and lied to, but it seems to be for our own good.*** William Jennings December 5th, 2008 at 3:18 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation.*** It is possible for Humans to use information to build a “Heaven On Earth” like some kind of “Utopia” as a modern “Tower Of Babel” that may turn out to be more of a “Dystopia” and “Hell On Earth” similar to the fictional accounts of H.G. Wells and Orwell and Bradbury and Huxley and in the Dystopian Movies of “Soilant Green” and “Make Room Make Room”. Our Science Fiction Literature is filled with such stories of woe.*** Our culture is addicted to destructive technology, and just like the addict we are in denial and saying “we have it all under control”. *** Subject: New Additions Fwd: Understanding And Living With Catastrophe Is A Matter Of Understanding Our Lord’s Plan. *** William Jennings December 6th, 2008 at 12:56 am Your comment is awaiting moderation.*** How can Science explain Cognition and Epistemology anyway? How could it be possible for a piece of meat the size of two fists to perform such functions as those performed by the mind? You are aware of your existence and your presence in your environment, so how can Biology explain that? *** It seemed to be a big mystery to me until recently when I first heard of Modern Cosmology with Quantum Mechanics and String Theory and Membrane Theory. *** I had studied Communication Electronics in about 1975, and I have begun to suspect that our universe with us as part of it must be like the signal from a television transmitter. A television signal has the AM Composite Video Signal with a carrier wave and the superimposed video information with it. The Video information is made when light in the studio is converted to electrical signals that then are turned to electromagnetic energy and transmitted from the tower. The FM Audio Signal is transmitted at the same time.*** One signal can induce a secondary signal when it goes past a conductor. Perhaps that is how parallel universes are formed slightly out of sync with the original signal.*** In that level of Cosmology it is not likely that we are discussing electromagnetic energy nor are we discussing the usual type of electrical conductor. It could be “ectoplasm” for all I know.*** I have heard discussions of Hydrogen Atoms in Water being able to instantly communicate with each other across millions of miles of space even before the light from the event arrived, as if to carry the information infinitely faster than the speed of light, and in those accounts I have heard that thinking pleasant thoughts while holding a container of water makes the water more beneficial for a person’s health and well being, but I have to also mention that I don’t know if those stories are true or just made up on some “Ghost To Ghost” Radio Broadcast late one night where they alternate between UFO stories and Poltergeist. I normally listen to politics, so those ghost stories and flying saucers get boring after a while.*** At this point we are in the realm of ghosts and spirits anyway, and in my Christian Tradition I have been taught to be careful about who, in that realm, I associate with.*** William Jennings December 6th, 2008 at 1:02 am Your comment is awaiting moderation.*** If one universe comes in contact with another universe it may cause a Superheterodyne Effect that creates a totally different universe. Perhaps that is how Our Lord may one day transform our imperfect universe into a perfect one. ***

  2. William Says:

    I believe that William Jennings Brian was the Champion against the teaching of Evolution and Social Darwinism a long time ago. It is a shame that he had so little success against the Eugenicists and the Hitlers who followed.

  3. William Says:

    What is wrong with saying “It is all so complicated that someone must have created it”? It is that complicated, and someone obviously must have created it. Any Military Intelligence Specialist would notice that a forrest with leaves and sticks and twigs randomly arranged without any pattern except for a chaotically strewn mess of material seems to show no evidence of human activity in that area, but those same items arranged in a more organized pattern certainly would be evidence of human activity in that area. There is no randomness to the creations of a human designer nor of a Supreme Being. It all has purpose and meaning, but the actions of a Supreme Being must have some ultimate purpose and meaning. I have always been interested in Science, and I have spent plenty of time looking at Science, and as my discussions of reality get more and more complicated I still am fascinated with how well organized our Cosmos is.

    It is just as I have said before that the Secularists want to be able to justify their attempts to dominate the world with a single world Bureaucracy of their own making so that they can become the ruling elite of pseudo intellectuals who want to be free to use abortion and euthanasia to exterminate the less productive and the less attractive and the less affluent members of the population. The Secularists want to be free to have their lives of luxury and their wild parties, and they only want to have the rest of us around so that we can give them pleasure in some way.

  4. William Says:

    A long time ago some Nimrod decided to build a tower to Heaven, in defiance of God, and that was the cause of all of the people being separated and scattered by the creation of many different languages.

    Now we have among us some new Nimrods who want to build a Heaven of their own and call it a Utopia which is more likely to be a Dystopia in the spirit of Orwell and Bradbury etc..

    Those new Nimrods will also be separated and scattered by some act of God that will spread a sprit of philosophical political and religious disagreement that will make humanity unwilling to cooperate with one another, so then God will win again as He always wins.

  5. William Says:

    In ancient times Baal Worship was mainly an excuse to have drunken orgies, but the partitioners could not get that excuse as long as there was a Real God looking over them, so they created a man made idol of gold for themselves to worship. The man made Golden Calf would permit whatever those Deviants wanted to do.

    Now the Deviants who have seized Authority over all of us are trying to deny the existence of God so that they can freely engage in their drunken orgies.

  6. William Says:

    In my previous post I accidentally put “partitioners” instead of “practitioners”. Perhaps it was a spell checker mixup because I intended to write “practitioners”.

  7. William Says:

    Thinking Could Be Dangerous Even Back In Ancient Times.
    star it | leave a comment | December 10, 2008 at 9:45pm | email it | edit | delete | 1 read

    When The Apostles were carrying the message to the world they were not appreciated by those who had power. When one, in our modern culture of freedom, listens to the message that was so disturbing to those in authority, in those days, it is hard to understand why any worldly leader would have been bothered so much by that message. *** The Apostles were in constant danger of being prosecuted, but it seemed that merely talking about Metaphysical Possibilities was not enough cause for someone to be hauled into court, so probably most often there were more serious charges brought, and they were most likely to be false charges, but never the less those false charges stuck. *** It seems strange that a person could get into so much trouble by motivating and inspiring the common people to think deep thoughts. It seems to me that a Great Leader would be glad to know that the citizens are developing their minds and gaining wisdom.

  8. William Says:

    The Method To The Madness Is To Drive Them Mad. ******

    MAD I TELL YOU MAaaaaaD!!!!!! ******

    Our Adversaries are mostly Liberals Progressives Marxists Nazis and Fascists, and they tend to believe in the power of mankind and Secular Humanism. They have no God other than themselves, so they therefore believe in a False God. They know that they are mortal and one day will get old and die, and they know that they will leave no permanent legacy because even the world and our universe will one day come to an end and perhaps be sucked into a black hole. Everything that they may consider as possible escapes from such a fate are still only speculative and may not ever become reality, so they must be thinking that they all are ultimately doomed. ****** Also as they get older their body image gets worse and more depressing. It is very troubling for a hedonistic pleasure seeker to look in the mirror at a body that is covered with cellulite and looks like an over ripe crooked necked squash. The varicose veins and wrinkles and sagging flesh can drive the poor thing into the depths of melancholia and despair. ****** Secularists are so hopeless that they must spend considerable time in Psychological and Psychiatric Therapy. They need lots of drugs and alcohol and other vices to try to prevent themselves from thinking too deep and dwelling on their own pitiful condition, and they can’t bring themselves to cry out and say “Oh God Please Help Me For I Am Lost”.

  9. William Says:

    They may attack us with their own man made tools, but we can win against them by making them think about their own sorry state. Such a tactic will cause their own minds to work against them.

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