Intelligent Design Multimedia Course

Mostly I intend to keep adding one entry per day, Monday through Thursday, on the Darwin’s Black Box thread for the time being–and moving it to the current date each time.

However, I though this might be interesting to anyone who is concerned about ID, both friends and foes of ID:

The Intelligent Design Multimedia Course

Free online multimedia resources are now sufficiently available to present an extended audio/video seminar on intelligent design. High-quality files have been selected for their breadth and salience to give an overall view of ID and the issues surrounding it.



Here are the sources, many of which they want you to buy

There are no surprises, to be sure.  Berlinski, Dembski, Behe, the usual “leading lights” of a failed belief system.  Yet it adequately demonstrates the fact that ID does not intend to lie down and die, and that they will continue to feed nonsense about science to the public.

Know thine enemy!

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