Hello world!

I recently read Behe’s book Darwin’s Black Box (DBB), and I thought it was stunningly bad.  It struck me that much of what is so wrong about it hasn’t appeared in the blogosphere, either.  So I thought that I might work up a webpage, or make a blog, and I decided on the latter.  For one thing, commenters might add important information.

I am not a biologist, even though I had several biology courses in college and read the journals, so I won’t pretend to answer Behe directly on technical questions.  I consider that to be the wrong approach anyhow, since Behe’s insistence that we be able to explain in detail what happened over a billion years ago is ridiculous.  I intend to show how he’s all over the map in DBB on several crucial issues, how there are in fact fairly good (supported by evidence) explanations for some metabolic pathways, and how well evolution is demonstrated by the relevant evidence.

This is not meant to be a fast-moving blog, at least not at first.  What I am hoping to do is to create a comprehensive critique of DBB at first, to which I hope people will be able to refer (in a post kept at the top, for the duration).  That should take some time.  I will get around to reading Edge of Evolution when I can get hold of it (I do not wish to buy it new, since that directly supports his pseudoscience), and see how much I wish to comment on that. 

This is not intended to be restricted to Behe, understand.  However, he seems to make the strongest biological case for ID, so having a resource focused on criticisms of his seminal ideas seems worth providing.

I won’t even attempt to have much of a presence on the web until I have a body of criticisms that I deem worthwhile available.  So I likely am not writing this particular post for anything except a very occasional drop-in who is curious about what this will be.

I have never blogged previously.  It appears that the default is that I have to approve comments.  Right now I don’t know how to do so.  I’ll see what I can figure out about approval, and perhaps not requiring approval first, in the next few days.

A big reason for this blog is that I am becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the blogs that are out there, for they seem not to deal directly with ID much any more.  Books like DBB remain important apologetics for creationism, however, and I do not believe that many of the best criticisms have been made readily available on the web yet.  I hope to rectify that situation.

There will soon be a blogpost started that tackles many of the weaknesses of Behe’s claims, and particularly his approach.  My graduate training was in philosophy, so I intend to criticize DBB primarily with respect to epistemics/epistemology, without, however, using the jargon of philosophy.  I would rather write like a scientist with an understanding of the philosophy of science.  Future posts will determine whether or not I achieve that aim.

Glen Davidson

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2 Comments on “Hello world!”

  1. To make comments unmoderated (or unmoderated so long as they don’t contain too many links) you just need to go to your wordpress dashboard, then to settings all the way at the right, and then the discussion link has the rules for commenting.

  2. glen1davidson Says:

    Thanks, but I decided to leave it so that a commenter’s first posts are moderated, after I thought about it. The spam is worrisome, hence moderating the person’s first post seems a good way to keep spam out. It’s limiting, but not too limiting, I think.

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